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Today the artist EVA debuts the music video for her new single "Honeycomb." Directed by multidisciplinary director Courtney Brookes, the video is an in-studio colorful exploration of all things sweet and sticky. Contrasting the natural against the artificial through performance, set design, and textural elements, EVA  aims to tease, tickle, and lay bare some truths about femininity.

Filmed within a single space, a loose narrative unfolds between EVA and her friends in their meadow-like haven. Both tantalizing and tasteful, the visuals juxtapose the naughty and nice interactions in saturated colors and hazy hues, making it quite obvious that we aren’t always what we seem. 

The vision for the video was born over a cheeky glass of wine shared between EVA and Australian filmmaker Courtney Brookes on a Tuesday night in New York, with both women sharing the desire to combine a Marie Antoinette + sexy beekeeper aesthetic. This contrast of regal etiquette with Gwen Stefani attitude makes for a buzzy performance with just the right amount of sting.

To uphold the vision, EVA worked with CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund finalist Raffaella Hanley of Lou Dallas on the costumes for the video. EVA opted to style the video herself, carefully selecting the colorful and playful archival Lou Dallas looks to bring the video world of "Honeycomb" to life. 

Speaking about "Honeycomb," EVA reveals:

"I've always found it difficult to assert myself. Honeycomb is about abandoning social niceties and lady-like expectations. Sometimes I just want to be a little bit evil..."

Watch “Honeycomb” below:

Director + Editor: Courtney Brookes
Producer: Yohana Zecarias
Production Company: Blonde + Co
Studio: Blonde Studios
DP: Jesse Bronstein
1st AC: Lilena Marinou
Gaffer: Martin Blanco
Colorist: Lilena Marinou
Production Designer: Courtney Brookes
Production Assistants: Rebecca Liu + Tiffany Hattori
Stills: Dannah Gottlieb
PA: Christina Lan
Stylist: Eva Tolkin
Clothing Designer: Lou Dallas
MUA: Shideh Kafei
Manicurist: Robin Jee
Cast: Eva Tolkin, Ariana Duplechain-Cook, Mical Klip, Boufford the Bunny

With Special Thanks to Oliphant Studios, Elyse Marcinkowski, and The Grump


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