“It’s purely my vulnerability masked in a delivery and sound that oozes bravado.”


credit: Sasha Douglas

credit: Sasha Douglas

Sydney-born, NYC-raised singer Lila Gold is captivating once again in the video for her latest single “Big Sad Eyes.” The pop-synth tune is a perfect composite of raw emotion that romanticizes Gold’s deepest insecurities, as she dances in between alternate dimensions. The song is an anthem to and for herself, Gold says.

credit: Sasha Douglas

credit: Sasha Douglas

“I’m singing about my anxiety, [and my] desires for success and fulfillment,” said Gold. “It’s purely my vulnerability masked in a delivery and sound that oozes bravado.”

The song was produced by GRAMMY-nominated DJDS and GRAMMY-nominated John Hill (Charli XCX, Portugal. The Man, Tei Shi, Demi Lovato).

“When [they] played me the beat, initially it kicked me in the stomach,” said Gold. “It was so minimal, but so strong and rhythmic. It was instinctual and moved through me.” The lyrics that effortlessly flowed out of her soon after were emotions the singer says she buried deep down, but that the beat brought quickly to the surface.

“It felt instinctual and infectious,” said Gold.

Throughout the video, her movements are both technical and fluid, both poignant and in control. “Big Sad Eyes” is the sci-fi inspired visual representation of Gold’s inner psyche through different “worlds” as a part of her subconscious, according to director Natalie Falt (Billie Eilish, King Princess, Grimes).

“The "real" Lila is the one connected to the sensory glove (custom made by the amazing Jessica Kao), and the other versions of Lila are set in virtual reality," said Falt.  

credit: Sasha Douglas

credit: Sasha Douglas

credit: Sasha Douglas

credit: Sasha Douglas

Each scene emanates a different alter-ego, a different state of mind.

“I feel like my personality flips and changes from dark to light, and I think that transcends in my music,” said Gold.

Director Natalie Falt attributes dreaming to the making of the video:

"Lila and I are both inspired by dreams so for this video we wanted to tap into the idea of representing her inner psyche through the different "worlds" as a part of her subconscious. I was also really inspired by psychological sci-fi stories such as the movie The Cell and The Holodeck from Star Trek in which they explore transcendental science."

The new single "Big Sad Eyes" is lifted from Lila Gold’s forthcoming EP HYPER-HEAVEN, due for release later in 2019. Gold will be playing a set tonight (8/2/2019) at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, NY.

You can watch “Big Sad Eyes” exclusively on PERJUS below:


Written by: Lila Gold, John Hill, DJDS 
Produced by: John Hill, DJDS


Performed by: Lila Gold
Directed by: Natalie Falt
Costume Design: Jessica Kao
Stylist: Keyla Marquez
Makeup: Sasha Borax
Hair: Lady Soul Fly


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